Discover the Intrigue of a Murder Mystery Weekend in Estes Park, Colorado

Murder Mystery Weekends Have Been Re-Imagined

You can now enjoy the thrill of a murder mystery every time you visit the Inn. Our creative team has developed an independently played Murder Mystery game that can be COVID-safely enjoyed during your stay.

Put your sleuthing skills to the test! Upon check-in at Romantic RiverSong Inn, you will receive an introductory packet. Those brave enough to embark on our adventure will find their first clue in the packet. You must solve the clue to find the location of the next clue, and so forth.

To play the game, you will continue to search out these clues by solving puzzles, logic problems and riddles. Once you have gathered all of the information, you are then tasked with solving the crime.

Experience the Thrill of a Cloak-and-Dagger Drama

For the crime to be considered “solved” there are three items you must discover and correctly annotate on your submission form.

  • Who is the murderer?
  • What was the murder weapon?
  • Why was the victim killed?

Answers must be submitted to the submission letterbox Inn by 10am on the morning of your checkout.

The game is contact free, but the Innkeepers are just a phone call away if assistance is required.

To start your journey simply open the envelope marked “Clue 1”.

Along with the fun, memories, and adventurous time spent together, we have special prizes for the winners!

New themes and games updated regularly. Please call into Romantic RiverSong Inn to inquire about the current game theme.

Murder Mystery Game Theme Samples

The Death of Professor Alabaster 
Professor Alabaster was an Egyptian archeologist who was on his way to a new dig. Unearth and uncover the riddle in the mysterious fates of other members of the expedition as you explore Calamities from Cairo!

The Murder of Madame Blush
Madame Blush truly had it all- it was 1922 and she was very rich, very single and young enough to have married four wealthy men and bury them soon after the wedding bells stopped chiming. As Madame Blush and some of her closest friends celebrate life at a swanky hotel in Cairo some mysterious events unfold. It’s time to uncover some deadly secrets.

The Expiration of Dr. Celadon
People often refer to her as “the Lady Doctor” a title she often finds as degrading as her inability to find meaningful and gainful employment. However, after some of her patient’s died under mysterious consequences she earned her new moniker “the Grim Reaper”. Despite all the rumors there was never any substantial evidence to prove the accusations. The Doctor has taken a sabbatical abroad, but what ghostly troubles will follow her across the Atlantic. Come with us on an international mystery that is bound to have you shivering in the cold!

Mountain Mystery Meets Riverside Charm

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Murder Mystery Weekends and More in Estes Park, Colorado

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When you join a Murder Mystery Weekend at the Romantic RiverSong Inn, you’ll enjoy a mountain escape with all the relaxing and invigorating activities our area has to offer, in addition to the thrilling intrigue of a classic crime thriller. Contact us now to book your weekend. We look forward to having you join us!